POWER DOWN means taking a break from the 24/7 nature of your digital lives. The constant state of connectivity is jarring on the nervous system. The allure of multitasking and distracting nature of pings, dings and pop-ups takes us from the present moment causing us to disengage from yourselves. By becoming aware of the ways you use technology mindfully versus mindlessly you disengage from your digital world and engage in life, coming into PRESENCE.

PRESENCE comes when you POWER DOWN because you are fully in the moment, not distracted by your online world. Mindfulness practice helps  you to settle into the present, real world. As you become aware of ruminating thoughts about the past and worrisome ones about the future, you are able to observe them without getting caught up in them. Finding silence away from your media self allows you to tune into your internal sense of self where PASSION lives.

PASSION can bubble up once you are in PRESENCE and a mindful state. Finding a desire or love that comes from an intrinsic sense versus an external motivation can be felt in the body in the flow of the moment. It can be a desire deep within or an issue that breaks your heart about your world today. This calling ignites a desire to create, act and change which gives you PURPOSE.

PURPOSE becomes PASSION in an expressive creation or action that ranges from the personal to the planetary When you who see a problem and seek to a make a difference in the lives of others or the environment, the change agency fueled PASSION can create the energized PURPOSE that will bring meaning to your life.