Is Simon Sinek Right? Is This Your Generation?

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Simon Sinek presents a compelling argument for the angst and dissatisfaction among today’s Millennials, those in the workplace and those still in school. He claims that at the very worst students are dropping out of college or taking leaves because of depression, dying from suicide and accidental overdoses from addiction. At the very best, the Millennials are living lives that are “just fine.” This ties into what a college student told me recently. “In high school I wasn’t depressed, but after getting to college, I realized I was never happy either. Life was just ok.”

In my words:

“There is a mental health crisis among today’s teens, the first generation more stressed than their parents. Some too anxious to go to class, others dropping out because of depression. Too many suicides and overdoses. What’s going on?

Their digital world filled with dings and pings creates dopamine dependence and digital addiction. Their nervous systems are on 24/7 high alert. Technology is here to stay, AI is on its way, so how do we find a healthy balance?

Children are born with a biological connection to the universe. 15 years of science proves that teens with a relational spiritual practice fostered through connection to nature, mindfulness, and/or prayer have 60% less chance of recurring depression, 40% less of substance abuse, and 80% less of high risk behavior.

Less Tech and More Spirit? Absolutely! But what about Tech WITH Spirit? What if technology became another conduit for teens connection to the universe? To their spirituality?”

It is my hope that as communities of Millennials and their parents, the younger and older generations, we can have conversations to look for innovative and collaborative solutions to these questions.

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