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In collaboration with ABC Legacy and the Wheelhouse at the Bradford Mill, we’re introducing a unique multi-generational collaborative model for the Concord/Carlisle, MA community bringing together teens/20s with adults at the intersection of mental health, technology and spirituality.

In this first conversation in the series, I coalesce current research and cite experts: Dan Siegel, Larry Rosen, Simon Sinek, and Lisa Miller as I share the speaking platform with teens who have suffered through mental health crises. As the speakers and audience engage in conversation, new insights, understandings and solutions will emerge. More importantly this type of discussion removes some of the individual stigma suffered from mental illness, to uncovering a societal illness that impacts all teens/20s. The end result? Strategies to move all youth from surviving to thriving.

One of my inspirations for this model comes from a Simon Sinek’s analysis of the Millennials in the Workplace. He calls on cooperations to right some wrongs he sees, but I say we add our communities of parents, schools and colleges to his solution.


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