Bipolar Awakening: The Flight to Amanda

In January 2003, Michael Spiak, a former Fenn student now married and living in Washington, DC with his wife, Margaret, lost his father, Joseph Spiak, in a tragic plane crash. I had a profoundly intense reaction to this event, and as I wrote about my thoughts and feelings, a young adult novella, Amanda’s Flight, emerged where Amanda, a bright, creative sixteen-year-old, attaches to the grief of her best friend Lowell when his father is killed in a plane crash. As her mania escalates, she comes to believe she is able to fly to heaven as Icarus. This fusion of fiction, memoir and fantasy is told within the memoir of my own bipolar awakenings. Depression as a dark night of the soul and mania as a  journey into higher consciousness. This highly creative work of non-fiction is forthcoming from Balboa Press.


Teens and Technology: This blog began as “Confessions of a Tech Addicted Yogi” when I realized that a yoga teacher who looked at her phone too much was not being mindful. Eventually, the personal blog became a summarizing log, chronicling my curation of research and data on teens, technology and mindfulness.

Bits of Gratitude: One of my passions is connecting seemingly divergent topics, so I began the process of highlighting three reasons I was grateful in this more creative blog. Sometimes for others, and often times for myself, this is an example of one of my passions that also includes picture collages.

Burma and Beyond: When I had the opportunity to teach yoga to 300 Buddhist teenage nuns in Burma in April, 2016, I said YES, absolutely! It was a deep intuitive yes that came from the core of my soul. The experience ended up being the epitome of Yoga. Write. Serve. When Ramsay Trussell, the owner of On the Mat Yoga, asked me to blog , it was a perfect way to extend share this experience of a lifetime.