Your Story

  • Your generation is more stressed than your parents for the first time in history?
  • Your nervous systems are on 24/7 high alert with this fast paced digital age that your brains cannot assimilate.
  • Science proves a consistent connection to the universe through nature, mindfulness, and/or prayer reduces depression, substance abuse and high risk behavior.
  • Technology, School and Society play a role.
  • Your digital world of pings and dings creates dopamine dependence, digital addiction and numbing when bored.
  • Students are struggling with more mental health concerns ranging from self-esteem issues and developmental disorders to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harming, and suicidal behavior. (Stanford Provost)
  • Will you share your stories of struggle, anonymously or publicly?
  • Will you share your stories of resilience, what helps you thrive in these uncertain times?
  • Will you try the process: Power Down for Presence. Power Up for Purpose?
  • Will you take 5 minutes to practice a mindful pause away from your phone, and report back to me?

Guidelines are still being created, but if you’d like to share with me, please email me at  or share your story below !

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